Fange den Moment und schwelge.

Höre auf dein Herz und lebe.

Atme tief hinein in dich.

Gestern gesungen, heute nachgeklungen.

Horte nicht, sondern gebe.

Vergiss die tollen Erinnerungen nicht.

Lass nie deine Stimme verstummen.

Also zögere nicht, sondern lebe.

That Flame - That Smile

Walk with that flame and send a smile to a stranger in the street

(Kann alles improvisiert werden)


The Calling for the road

Do you hear the calling for discovery

Do you hear the calling for the road


Do you see the landscape passing by

While your driving on the map of life

Put your head out of the window

And feel the wind blowing thru your hair


F Bb C


When the storm is over and your air is clear

and you can reach out to the sky so high

When the storm is over you can rebuild from within

Something new so powerful so light mighty bright


Storm oh storm went thru my brain

and thru my veins

G F Em Eb