Catch the moment.

When you have melodies in your head, sing them out. Meet musicians, especially wonderfully talented humble pro musicians like Roksana Smirnova and Misha Kalinin who are now based in Luzern.


When we first met at Chäslager Stans we made an impro two months ago and I called it HOPE - So yesterday we met at Kultursalon Felsenegg (thanks to the amazing host Michelle Bulloch) for a rehearsal and this is the result - just listen and relax and keep the faith and the hope.


This was a spontaneous recording, and I think it would be lovely to record it properly maybe in a studio version with a bit of Gospel in the background.


Recorded on Sunday 28th of August.


The immensely talented Roksana Smirnova (piano) and Misha Kalinin (guitar), a wonderful couple from Ukraine that writes and produces  great music and gives lovely concerts in Europe.


Check out their contemporary classical inspirational meditative music on Spotify too.


Thank you too much for this afternoon, in a more soulful pop style approach.


Music and arrangement: Roksana and Misha

Lyrics and melody: Viola 


Sit back and relax now:


Hope with Roksana Smirnova and Misha Kalinin



Whenever wherever

Let this spread

Over the world

and built it up again


Hope Hope I still got hope -

might the world crumble -

we built it up again


Instrumental - to get into it

with Viola - First approach

with Viola - Second approach - groovy

with Viola - Third approach - white wine version

Map of Life with Roksana Smirnova and Misha Kalinin

On this map of life you're standing on your own ground

On this map of life it's all up to you

Sur cette carte de la vie tu trouves ton terrain

Sur cette carte de la vie suivre ton chemin

Too many words there must not be more

In these kind of moments we are left unspoken

Too many words with Misha Kalinin